Anatomy in Focus: The Shoulder as a Weight-Bearing Joint

Learn about the anatomical functions of the shoulder as a weight-bearing joint during a three-hour workshop on Monday, Aug. 11 at the Anatomy in Clay Centers in Denver. The workshop will begin at 6 p.m. The center is located one block south of the Evans Light Rail Station at 2207 S. Delaware St.

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Participants will re-create all of the functioning parts of the shoulder from colored clay applied to a detailed, realistic plastic model. Building in this way is an active learning process that is both engaging and informative. Included within the workshop is a movement session using exercises and stretches that focus on the very muscles and tendons that are being made.

The muscles and tendons of the shoulder are often injured through overuse or specific trauma. Understanding this anatomy is beneficial for anyone who wants to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their activities. To realize how shoulders are used in any weight-bearing exercise helps us to appreciate the hard work they do and enforces the need for knowledge about their care.

About the Instructors

Amy Anderson, PMA®-CPT, has been a Pilates instructor-trainer for more than twenty years and is a Gold Certified Pilates Method Alliance teacher. A Dance Medicine Specialist and professional ballet dancer, she has developed a series of very effective exercises and stretches to aid in the prevention and rehabilitation of joint issues. Gregory Gonzales leads hands-on sessions using the Anatomy In Clay® Learning System to explore and understand the mechanisms of the knee, the hip, and the foot/ankle system. Gregory has an academic background in kinesiology and decades of work as a professional dancer and dance instructor.

About the Anatomy in Clay Centers

The non-profit Anatomy in Clay Centers seeks to “promote and conduct anatomy education using an innovative method of instruction” in order to “empower self-discovery in each of us by forming anatomy with our own hands.”

More Information

Call 720-570-7820 or email Members of the media interested in learning more about the Anatomy in Clay Centers or about the renovation of the building where the workshops are taught may contact Mark Stevens ( or 303-495-8699).